Well that was a short, sharp and eventful season.  Fishing in Ireland 2013 had it all from the worst snow in the Spring to a near drought summer. The spring saw heavy hatches of olives,  and while the black gnat was very patchy the mayfly where abundant and  the blue wing, sedge and midge fishing was fantastic on the balmy summer nights. When prepared to adapt to meet the prevailing conditions great sport can always be had on our rivers.  I read once in the days when I was gainfully employed working for others that a guides life is far from easy.  I have now discovered how true this is but I also once read that there is also more to life than money - suppose its like the doctor says "all about balance".  This year has been eventful to say the least, I have made many new clients from all arts and parts who I now regard as friends, who have provided me with as much enjoyment as I have them ( I hope!).  I have guided clients as far South as the other side of Cork and am a great believer in watercraft - if you have it you can travel anywhere!  I have enjoyed watching young anglers smile like the proverbial cat as their father takes their picture with a fine trout.  Have also enjoyed the wry smile on the not so young who constantly remind me what this sport of ours is all about - we never tire of it yet still display that boyish look of despair when Trutta or Salar betters us.  I haven't lost sight of the old adage of you are never too old to learn and many of my clients have shown me a thing or two this season.   On a personal mote  I had occasion to smile as I regained the Irish National River Champion title on the Munster Blackwater in July which qualifies me for 2014 International in England.  I also attained my 1st4 Sport Angling Coaching qulaification and done my First Aid training.   I have a few months now to spend replenishing depleted flyboxes in preparation for the 2014 season as I prepare for repeat clients who are due back with me next year and hopefully a few new ones. (Might just chase old Esox and perhaps a trip or two  chasing ladies (grayling)).